Nite Jogger 

Super court

During my time as a Junior creative producer  I have worked on several international productions for brands like, Adidas, Reebok and Footlocker. 


A feminine sneaker for the empowered young women.


Job: Design and produce seeding for an Adidas/Footlocker influencer event in Milan.

Category: Design mock-ups, production.

With a short deadline and a small budget I designed the seeding that would be handed out to influencers on the event. 

The process consisted of research for sustainable materials to use for the bag, designing mock-ups, communication between client and the bag producer. Design the end product, communicate and brief bag producer. And final delivery and build up in Milan. 


Installation seeding on event

Name tags

Mock-up seeding bag


A sneaker for the young risk takers, adventure seekers at night. 


Job: Design and produce Nite Jogger release event for Adidas Nite Jogger in Rome, London, Antwerp and Amsterdam. 

Category: Design, art direction, production.

During the organisation of the Nite Jogger release a lot needed to be planned and produced with several different deadlines and budgets. The process consisted of designing the windows for stores, the food, drinks, bags and producing the entire international events (light, sound, venue etc). 

Window display 


Slides from locations, storyboard, moodboard


A musthave white sneaker for the young creatives.

Job: Design and produce the new campaign shoot for Adidas Super Court in Berlin, Paris, Rome and London.

Category: Storytelling, production, art direction. 

The concepting, location scouting and production for this campaign shoot was from behind the desk. For this international campaign the end result would excist out of images and video's from Europian creatives. My job was to design the mood and story and brief the creatives on their job and deliverables.

End result

End result