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Insight data


Project 6 weeks 

Concept, product
and photography

A future perspective on an information overload. What will happen if we can’t handle the amount of information we get?

We have to deal with a lot of information everyday, even information that is not usefull to us. This overload of information causes us to be stressed, unfocused and perform less. Insight data merges human and technology to create a filter for information. The eye will have a lens that works as a filter together with the the brain. The lens blurs out information that is irrelevant for you based on your personal preference. With the lens functioning as a filter, the brain will have less information to process. This will eventually lead to an improved and a well performing human.



Insight data gives a current impression of the experience that the filter lens can give us in the future. The product consists of two glasses, one with red glass and one with blue glass and a research book. 

The glasses are based on two different fictional characters. One is a more creative person, interested in visuals and information based on emotion. The other is interested in facts, numbers and charts.


Through colour filtering glasses they will be able to read only the information they need and like. This experience starts the conversation on what it will mean for us when we are able to filter out information before it reaches the brain. 

Will this be solution or a start for a bigger problem?

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