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Project 8 weeks 

In collaboration with:
Jasmijn Jansen
Eva Verrij
Brigitte Eckhardt

Concept, product, 

art direction and illustrations

Het Natuurhistorisch Museum
te Rotterdam

A project on finding an alternative for antibiotics to tackle the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

potjes kopie.png

By using the right food in combination with antibiotics we are able to limit the dosis that is needed with 90%. The fruitbasket provides patients a healthier recovery that is based on their personal needs. The basket consists of 10 pro- and prebiotics that can be added to the meal that the hospital provides to patients. Along with the probiotics the basket comes with a set of 3 handmade spoons and a magazine. The spoons are created to apply the right amount of probiotics to your meal. The magazine is there to provide the patient with information about the probiotics that can be added. With this product we make the user aware that food can replace medicinefor a big part.

Magazine eekhoornnn_edited.jpg
magazine fruit_edited.jpg
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